wbw metal fabrication ballarat

What We Do

Our staff are highly trained and respected within the industry and require minimal supervision by the customer. This reduces the customers cost without sacrificing quality.

WBW Metal Fabrication prides itself on its low cost efficiency, high quality products and workmanship and is always striving for further improvement in the future.

We specialise in

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Installations & Site Work
  • As well as Project Management
  • Vehicle Backs & Trade Cabinets
  • Vehicle Trays &Tool Boxes
  • Commercial & Domestic Kitchens
  • Commercial Catering Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Benches & Canopies
  • Splash Backs
  • Balustrade, Handrails & Stairways
  • Gates & Fencing
  • Stainless / Aluminium Wall Sheeting
  • Sheet Metal
  • Stainless Steel Supplies
  • Display Shelving
  • Bending & Guillotining
  • Flashings, Ducting & Louvres
  • Switchboards
  • Pump covers, Pit Lids, Grates
  • Cabinets
  • Laser Cutting
  • Aerial Towers
  • Hose Drying Racks
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Outdoor Accommodation

3-dimensional modelling can be done for all concepts of steelwork, this minimises rework allowing the customer to see the end product before any manufacturing is done.