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WBW Metal Fabrication specialised expertise in joinery, metal-work and glass is the key to the perfection they produce when working on stair fabrication.

WBW Metal Fabrication adhere to architectural standards when crafting beautiful and structurally stable stairs. With many years of work in the field combined with a dedicated approach we fabricate remarkable high quality staircases.

Designed to meet building codes and the most discerning of tastes, WBW Metal Fabrication's stair fabrication stands out in the field. With exquisite craftsmanship and the use of world class materials we guarantee our staircases will give a timeless elegance. Using only certified tradesmen and meticulously designed plans to realise durable and eye-catching stair fabrications, WBW Metal Fabrication Ballarat can help you to realise your dreams of the perfect steel staircase.

When working on stair installation it helps to define a space without overwhelming it, leaving an elegant structure that not only melds into your existing structure but completes it.

Puzzles must be solved by carefully fitting pieces together. Similarly, successful stair installations are created by carefully considering and balancing several different factors. This personalised mixture creates a stair installation that is integrated seamlessly into its environment.


WBW Metal Fabrication's range of previous stair installations appear as if they grew there organically. Precise observation of spatial constrains, the types of decorative elements already present in the environment, and the client's desired creative direction combine to form WBW Metal Fabrication's special and unique stair installations.

  • Design
    Whether your after a staircase for your Offices, homes, or commercial spaces we can produce the perfect professional staircase design. Whether taking the form of a five-story building or a single cantilevered flight, stair design should reflect and enhance its surroundings, providing both a vital functional and visual element in a number of different environments. With years of experience in private and public spaces, WBW Metal Fabrication has created memorable and compelling staircases.
  • Health & Safety
    Stair safety is an integral part of WBW Metal Fabrication's staircase design process. Australia's building codes mandate safety requirements for every new stair project. Architects can respond to these codes by creatively incorporating the technical requirements into their design and producing safe and visually appealing stairs. Compliance with BCA codes and a professional commitment to producing the highest standards of stair safety are consistent markers of WBW Metal Fabrication's design philosophy. All of WBW Metal Fabrication's staircases have continuous handrails and appropriate tread spacing and height to ensure a safe climb.


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